TeleNav Preloader unstoppable? Can we have a battery saving mode ?

I was waiting with my daughter at a local ER for a second time this year when i realized my EVO on the low display brightness setting was losing power faster than the last time I was there ... before i updated from Sprint Navigation.... . Yes my enemy during the wait became The Telenav Preloader
or whatever it is called. ..( cell phones not prohibited in this ER by the way)
It was in the "running applications" and just as fast as I killed it.... it restarted like evil Chuckie doll bent on draining my battery and making us cut off from outside world for updates or texts or navigation for the drive home
It is great that Telenav loads faster but it needs a " I really really mean it" EXIT button . I had to UNINSTALL the Telenav update to revert to old Sprint Navigation to save power . It should be optional to leave it on STANDBY or entirely OFF
...In the meantime .I am sticking with Sprint Nav because i dont need to be draining my batttery (even a little bit )for unneeded instant Navigation for 8 + hours at work which imperils my battery life when i need it later , What can you do about this ? By the way my daughter is doing well despite my TeleNav battery angst.
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