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I’m thankful

Give them a break. It is a great app.

I noticed how a lot of people really don't give this app a chance. They are quick to complain and want their money back. It seems a lot of issues are not the fault of the app but the support team still cordially corresponds with "sweetness" despite the "bitterness" of the complaining customer. I was a bit leery of purchasing due to the complaints but the app works great for me. It was the compliments that convinced me to buy. After using for a couple of weeks I decided to buy the 1 year subscription. I did have the update problem where after paying the app only showed the 30 day subscription but a little patience and a little while later I checked again and it was updated showing the 1 year purchase. I would like to be able to touch an address in my contacts and have it default to Telenav instead of the iPhone maps app but I am okay with it as it is.

My only complaint is that it is a serious battery draining program. I understand what the Telenav program is doing is seriously intense thus the battery drain. You can also tell how intensely it is working because the iPhone gets quite warm while Telenav is performing navigation. I do major multitasking with my iPhone where I connect (wired) to my car stereo unit listening to music in iPod mode or Pandora and using a hands free bluetooth visor mounted device handle phone calls while using Telenav to direct me to my destination. The wired connection provides charging to the iPhone as long as it is connected and works with iPod and bluetooth charging just fine. If I run Telenav the phone still charges but there is such a power drain that the iPhone discharges faster than it charges. I lose about 1% every 5 minutes so it is not a huge problem.

What is cool is the music volume drops just a little to give me directions and returns to normal soon after. When I get a phone call the music pauses, Telenav goes into standby and I answer the call. During the call Telenav asks if I want to return to navigation which I do to continue navigation during the phone call. Of course this is without voice guidance which has only proven to be a problem one time but the lack of voice guidance is not a problem with the app, it is just that the iPhone will not allow the voice guidance during a phone call. I have found that if I do not return to navigation the voice guidance will continue during the phone call "butting in" the phone conversation. When the phone call ends the music resumes as well as turn by turn navigation.

Overall it is an outstanding app that just needs customers to have a little patience and not so quick to judge and react. To not get angry because they can't figure something out on their own. Also it is a great bargain since the Navigon app was $99.00 last time I looked.