Ford SYNC with TDI: Phone charges on my mobile phone?

Does Traffic, Directions and Information affect my text messaging or other phone charges on my mobile phone?
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  • Message and Data Rates May Apply.

    If you elect to receive traffic alerts via text message to your mobile phone, you'll receive text messages* for each traffic alert that is sent to your mobile phone.

    Additionally, SYNC uses your paired and connected mobile phone to connect to Traffic, Directions and information.

    During this time, you'll accrue airtime charges for the minutes you're connected to Traffic, Directions and Information.

    You can opt-out of receiving traffic alert text messages by: changing your service preferences on the website, sending STOP to 58400 short code, or replying STOP to any of the Traffic Alert service text messages.

    Help on using SMS text messages can be found at or by sending HELP to the 58400 short code.

    For more information, view: How do I create or edit traffic alerts?

    *Please consult your mobile phone service plan.
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